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  • Ability to present your current membership card on request.

  • No smoking (including VAPES) is permitted anywhere inside the clubhouse including the entrance porch.

  • No drinks should be taken on the dance floor during the entertainment.

  • No standing or dancing on chairs or tables.

  • No under 18’s permitted at the bar at any time. 

  • Stools are to be kept to centre right-hand side of the bar and may be removed by staff or committee on busy entertainment/event nights.

  • The pool table is not in use after 7.30 pm Monday if darts are on OR after 7.30 pm Saturday when entertainment is on.   Additional adjustments may be made in consideration of other events

  • All snacks consumed on the premises are to be purchased from the bar.

  • No food or snacks to be consumed in the snooker room. No takeaways to be consumed on the premises.

  • No person under the height of 4ft is permitted to play pool.  Children to be supervised by an adult.

  • No person under 16 to play snooker, all under 18 years to be supervised by a member.

  • No person under the age of 14 to play darts, all under 18 years to be supervised by an adult.

  • No two persons are permitted to use a toilet cubical at the same time. ( unless parent & child)

  • No person under the age of 18 is permitted to play the lotto or fruit machine.

  • Prams and pushchairs should be folded and placed in the lobby during evening / busy sessions and during special occasions.   See lobby station notice.

  • Please dress appropriately in a way not to offend other members.

  • All fire exits and extinguishers must not be blocked.

  • No dogs are allowed inside the clubhouse. Please read our "Dogs In Garden" HERE.



  • As a member, you can bring a plus one, in addition to two paying visitors who are to be signed in at reception providing the required details specified in the book.

  • A lapsed or barred member of the club cannot be signed in.

  • Guest excluded from other clubs or local licensed premises cannot be signed in.

  • Guests over 18 years or over are deemed full guests and therefore must be signed in.

  • Guests are required to sign the guest book and pay the guest fee, either to the door person or place it in the box next to the reception desk.   Information is required to be clearly written and completed.

  • Affiliated members must show their affiliation card and sign the associate book upon arrival at the club.

  • The club reserves the right to not allow guests entrance when the club is close to full capacity.

  • If you leave the club your guests cannot remain on the premises.

  • You are responsible for your guest's behaviour at all times.



  • Members must have served as a member for a 6 month period before they can propose or second a new member.

  • Members must have served as a member for a 6 month period before they can apply for CIU Affiliated membership.

  • Membership renewal is due from 1st January 2024 – to 30th January 2024.

  • 1st of February 2024 until 29th February 2024 you may only enter the club to pay membership renewal.

  • 1st March 2024 onwards you are considered as lapsed and will need to apply for membership again. 

  • Renewals and new membership applications will be closed for two weeks leading up to the AGM – this year scheduled for 21st April 2024.

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