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2024 Renewals

Annual General (AGM) Meeting 2024
Sunday 21st April 2024 - 10:30am 

Members wishing to have an item discussed at the meeting are required to submit details via a signed letter to the secretary, no later than 2 weeks before the meeting date. 


In order to attend the meeting you will be required to swipe in using your for or card, you will then be directed to sign the register to record your attendance. 


Nomination forms for officers and committee will be posted in the front lobby between Sunday 7th April to Monday 22nd April. Nominees will require a proposer and seconder (by full members only). If not completed as required, nomination will be void. A member can only propose or second one nominee for an office or committee member. 


2023 Financial Statements will be provided two weeks prior to the meeting date. 

Article Written - Friday 22nd March 2024 11:35, UK

Membership Renewals 2024


Wednesday 17th:    5pm - 10pm

Thursday 18th :        5pm - 10pm

Friday 19th :            5pm - 10pm

Saturday 20th :        7pm - 10pm

Sunday 21st :          1pm - 6pm

Wednesday 24th :    5pm - 10pm

Thursday 25th :        5pm - 10pm

Friday 26th :            5pm - 10pm

Saturday 27th :        7pm - 10pm

Sunday 28th :          1pm - 6pm

Wednesday 31st :    5pm -10pm




Thursday 1st Feb.         5pm-10pm

Friday 2nd                  5pm -10pm

Saturday 3rd :             7pm -10pm

Sunday 4th:                1pm - 6pm

Wednesday 7th:         5pm -10pm

Thursday 8th :             5pm-10pm

Friday 9th:                  5pm-10pm

Saturday 10th:            7pm-10pm

Sunday 11th :             1pm- 6pm

Wednesday 14:          5pm-10pm

Thursday 15th:            5pm-10pm


Outside these times please pay behind the bar.


Friday 16th Feb the new door entry system will be turned on, please ensure you have renewed before this time.

Charges are as follows: 

Under 60:  £20.00 

Over 60:  £12.50 

Affiliation Cards: £3.50  /  Life Card £3.00 


As a member of the club, you are allowed a maximum of 3 guests. Member + 1 guest (no charge), and 2 additional guests £3 per person.
Each member can ONLY sign in 2 additional guests. If the member leaves the club, then the guests must also leave. 

Please consider that as a member you are responsible for your guests at all times. 

Article Written - Saturday 20th January 2024 10:56, UK

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